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10% Off Slab Water Leak Repair Phoenix Slab Leak Detection Scottsdale AZ

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Scottsdale Slab Water Leak $39.95 Phoenix Repair Tips
Scottsdale AZ Slab Water Leak Repair Tips:

This specialized repair is becoming more and more prevalent as more and more houses are built on a concrete "slab" foundation. Water and sewer leaks under the slab of a home can go undetected for long periods of time. We are experts at locating these leaks, removing the concrete, digging out the affected areas, repairing the piping, then putting it all back together.
If you think you might have a slab leak, please save yourself the pain and suffering - Call 602-745-8375 today for free advice on any water leak you may have! The longer you wait the worse the damage, the more the damage the longer it might take to repair.
How to Determine if You Have a Water Leak
Scottsdale Slab Water Leak $39.95 Phoenix Repair Tips

1. Your Pipelines
incorrectly made pipelines or insufficient support could lead to water leaks. Excess numbers of pipelines could also be a reason because the base may not be able to handle the pipes weight. Second, be concerned about the materials of your pipelines. When buying these materials, make sure to purchase the appropriate supplies without defects because failing to do so could lead your pipe to rust. Lastly, make sure not to use equipment that may harm your pipelines. Too much pressure caused by hammers could bring about water leaks. Depending on your geographic location, you may want to make special precautions for your pipes to ensure they can withstand very cold temperatures such that, during the winter months, water does not freeze within the pipes and expands, causing pipes to burst.

Scottsdale Slab Water Leak $39.95 Phoenix Repair Tips
2. Learn How To Read Your Water Meter

Being able to use this could very well be the absolute easiest way to detect leaks on your own. Read your water meter before and after a two-hour period when no water is being used. If the meter does not read exactly the same, there is a water leak! This could be something as simple as a leaky bathtub, or as horrendous as a leak inside a pipe deep within one of your walls, causing untold damage to your home.

Scottsdale Slab Water Leak $39.95 Phoenix Repair Tips
3. Leak Detection Tips

In detecting water leaks, make sure that all of your appliances inside your house that make use of water are turned off. Then inspect the status of the meter dial and wait for 20 minutes. If the dials didn’t shift, you have a home with water pipes that are stable. But if the dials shift, check all of your appliances that makes of use water. If all are turned off, there might be a leak in your underground pipes. The reading on your meter should be greater than your bill from the time when you have used your water since the meter was read.

Scottsdale Slab Water Leak $39.95 Phoenix Repair Tips
4. The Lawn Method

Another method to check water leaks is by opening lawn water. If you have a hose, or a water sprinkler, open it and start to watch the water meters movement for a minute. The whole rotation of the meter hand stands for 7.5 gallons of water. Add up the number of rotation the hand meter completes for each minute and multiple it by 7.5 to know how much gallons of water you consume every minute, every hour, every day and every week. If you know how much water you use up, you will know whether you are paying the correct bills or not. If your bills exceed the computation, you may be having water leakages.

Scottsdale Slab Water Leak $39.95 Phoenix Repair Tips
5. Statistics

The average water used in each household is 60 to 200 gallons per person for a day. You will be surprised on how much water you consume every day. By being aware of these causes of water leaks and how to detect them, you will conserve water everyday.
- Remember that every drop of water counts- Bathrooms take up almost 70% of water used- Ensure all pipes and faucets are leak-free

Scottsdale Slab Water Leak $39.95 Phoenix Repair Tips
6. Food Coloring Technique

Make it a routine to check toilet tanks. By adding a small amount of food color, you will be able to know if the toilet is leaking. Add food color to the tank. After 20 minutes or so, if the color appeared on the tank, it may be leaking. Try to replace the parts as soon as possible to prevent rust. Conserve water by being aware of water leaks. Learn to save water by checking your own pipes. It will benefit your financial needs. It will benefit your family’s safety. And it will benefit the people of the future who would be able to make use of the wonders of water.
Water leaks are costly. A “typical” toilet leak at today’s rates can add three hundred dollars ($300) to a single water bill. Our information is provided as a courtesy with hopes of action on your part, which may minimize an unnecessary waste of water and expense to you.

Scottsdale Slab Water Leak $39.95 Phoenix Repair Tips

Some possible locations to look:

Close to an outside hose bib where the water supply enters your home. The valve will be located inside a box or pipe in the ground several feet from your home.
Near your water heater or under a vanity cabinet or kitchen sink, particularly if you live in a condominium, townhouse or apartment.

On the wall in your garage, particularly in newer homes. New homes will also have a visible valve box or pipe next to the front edge of the house. To find it, locate your meter box at the curb and walk a straight line toward your home. The valve box is usually located a few feet from the house in line with the meter box. (Normally it is a black box with a green lid.)
If your shutoff valve is located in front of your house the box or pipe may have been knocked over or covered with mulch or dirt.

A pair of pliers or an adjustable wrench is usually all that is needed to turn off the water cutoff valve. Turning the curb stop located on the street side of the meter will shut off the water. Most of the time you may need a meter key to open the meter box . A meter key can be purchased at most hardware stores.